Bringing up a child

Giving birth to a child is not a job but a work of art. And what does a work of art require? – sustained interest desire attention, facilitation for it to flourish. It is like nurturing a plant. You cannot make the plant grow or create it. You are simply a facilitator, nurturer and giver of conditions for it to flourish. Growth of the child happens from the seed which was already in place as divine potential. Every child is a divine potential seed, just like plants grow from seeds. Deciding to have a child is like deciding to tend for such a seed. It should be done for the joy of it and for no other reason. If one tends for a plant only so that you can eat it’s fruit that is not out of love but it is out of agenda. So one should ask sincerely ‘Why do I want a child? What is the real reason?’ Do I have the capacity? Do I have other preoccupations? Am I really available for someone else? Do I feel integrated myself and happy with life to take on this?

Responsibility and love are the opposites of each other. Responsibility is burden, duty, weight. Love is celebration joy free lightness. They are opposites. If you feel a child is a burden to you, then first solve your burdens and invest energy into that instead of bringing a child into the world to escape your own burdens and making the child responsible for all that you carry like a scapegoat.

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