Supporting and Opposing Forces

What is experienced as harmony or disharmony is a play of forces (force vectors) within you consciousness field.
Who I truly am, is the consciousness/witness.
The invisible mysterious waves that move my energy field to create this appearance, is the mystery, and I am THAT MYSTERY too.

Regarding the experience of forces,
Say, you feel an impulse to do something.
If there are no opposing forces you would glide with that impulse with 0 resistance.
In a sense, you would not even cognize the impulse itself because there is no opposition to it.
Remember, it is only the opposition that illuminates the impulse force itself.
Without an opposition, you will not even perceive the impulse as an impulse.
You will not even be conscious of it and JUST DO IT.
So opposition is a prerequisite for awareness of the impulse itself.

Now, let’s say there are opposing forces.
You feel an impulse to do something.
If the opposing forces are stronger, you will feel like you have to PUSH through something to do the thing.
It might feel like your moving in water if the opposition is a simmering constant, a general disapproval of the action.
The opposition force flavor can also feel like you are moving against a large rubber band attached to your waist. In which case the more you move, the more it would make it harder to move.
Also when such a rubber band like opposing force is resisted against by intense effort, when the effort is dropped, you will snap back to 0, losing all the attainment.

Let’s say a boy is tied to a pole via a rubber band.
The boy represents your impulse to do a certain action.
The pole represents your desire for status quo.
Now as you go along with the impulse,
You will find yourself struggling to move beyond a certain point.
If you identify with the boy alone, you will feel you are inhibited by hostile invisible forces in the world OR you may project these forces to some person/situation and blame that for your inability to move.
If you identify with the pole, then you will feel like you just want peace, but some unwanted forces are constantly shoving you around (you will feel like a victim to these forces)

The real truth of the matter is that,
You are both the boy and the pole.
When you identify with the boy or the pole alone,
It is a case of identifying with a part, and not the whole
But in truth, you are the whole.
You are both the supporting and opposing force.
They are both in your energy.
Interestingly, they both create each other too.
If there was no boy, then the pole would not feel its inertia.
And if there was no pole, the boy would not feel himself too as he moves.
So look at your entire situation in life and appreciate it
It is ONE package.
The beauty is seen only in the gestalt
It is only when you identify only with a part that you suffer.

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