Pain and Pleasure

Pain and pleasure exist in relativity.
Pleasure is greater life, and pain represents lesser life.
The direction of movement towards greater life is the VERB of pleasure
The direction of movement towards lesser life is the VERB of pain

Pain is basically something needing life.
A dead sensation that lingers day after day.
OR a fixed pattern of sensations.
Note here that pain and pleasure are verbs and not nouns.
Without movement, there is only a ‘SENSATION’ present which cannot be called pain or pleasure.
Pain is something that stifles you.
Pleasure is something that opens you.

Look at your energy field and all its activity.
There are varying degrees of life in various parts of your energy.
The ones less alive become pain.
The ones more alive are experienced as pleasure.
But both pain and pleasure are mutually supporting each others’ perception (relativity).

All fixed RELATIVELY unchanging sensations/perceptions are lack of life.
So essentially, we have a part of us that is most alive and that is the part that feels dissatisfied and tries to elevate other parts to its level of aliveness.

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