Cathect’tion to Images

Images -> mapped to feeling, feeling potentials, feeling investments, cathexis/libido.
Decathecting of images = the vacating of feeling

In the process of transformation –
1. [feeling dies first, decathexsis happens] then
2. [The image itself fades from memory and one is cleared of it]
In some sense, the 1. and 2. happen together.
The image and feeling are inseparable.
Stronger the feeling = stronger the image.
Its like a glowing copper rod from passing electric current.
Electric current = Life Energy
Copper Rod = Image
Glowing of the Rod from the current = Cathecting of the image with feeling (rendering the image visible)

At a deep level, this whole physical reality is something we cathect to
Death may represent the decathecting and withdrawal from this body and world formation itself
We make all this real with our own cathection
Just like how we drift into the dream at night
Which represents some kind of shifting cathexis from this realm into the dream world
Your cathexis could shifts into 1/2 dream world, 1/2 physical world and this could represent the entry into the symbolic worlds of the soul (being in the world but not of it)

Its like a DEEP CHOICE we have made to cathect to this world.
it is our deepest desire to be exactly here
And experience exactly as we do
We do love pain and suffering and that is why we even chose to incarnate on this realm to experience this
The journey can be seen as, how we forgot our own deepest wish (which is analogous to our own true self) and how we navigate our way into remembering.
Once we die and see the true nature of everything, we may look in wonder and behold this strange journey

All that we don’t have, we have willfully denied ourselves as part of the journey
All love is not coming from outside, but rather all is from beyond
“All” emerges from the source and fills you up
Ihe connection with the outer is only an illusion/appearance
Its what you believe that creates experience
If I believe I am unloved, no matter how well a person gives me attention, I might believe deep inside he disregards me and experience reality as such.
The opposite is true when I believe I am loved
Even if everyone ignores me, I will still feel they love me
The same would apply for acceptance too
So everything truly comes from the divine (everything comes from the divine nothing into the appearance we see)
The appearance of all inner and outer causation is an illusion and a dream like appearance, when the real source of everything is the “divine nothing”.
All poverty, all riches, everything comes from the ONE
That ONE is our higher self that creates this WHOLE PLAY of our life
Our lower self is a part appearance in this whole experience.

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