How to live

Drop, forget, let go of all the old, for the new to enter.
Letting go of the old is not with the guarantee of WHAT the new is going to be,
It is letting go for the sake of letting go.
To live is to die like this at every moment.
The only thing that prevents this is attachments and false identity.
Attachments and false identity prevent full life.

To live -> IS TO MOVE -> Is to Celebrate -> To to move with highest joy and vibration -> And learn fully from every experience -> To to BE the energy of happiness and Freedom.
To live has nothing to do with the content of life/situation/circumstances and so on.
To live fully is the relationship to all the content, which is all the same (in the abstract sense).
All attachments, false identities create fears.
To live is to RACE through all the content and step into the unknown more and more.
Leave the dead knowns and give up that security for the CREATIVE MAGICAL UNKNOWN

When enjoying something, don’t bother about protecting it, fearing whether it will last.
Even if it the last time you’ll ever see it, enjoy it to the fullest.
Attachment is because of not fully experiencing, so you think something more is possible, some backlog is still there.
You feel bad that you could have been happier with it.
But what if you give yourself 100%, totally?
What if you gave yourself so much to life, that no you can stand apart from it?
Then all experience is complete and then there is no attachment, because attachment can only come from some fantasy of a better imagined state in the future.
This imagination simultaneously denies the enjoyment now and postpones it to the future.
It is a sort of self-created trance illusion WE ARE DOING.
Are you 100% fully experiencing NOW as it is, is the question.
Are you giving yourself fully to the NOW? OR Are you holding back some part of you?

Any desire to re-experience something, means that thing has not been completely experienced, which is what creates that remnant desire.
So experience as fully as you can, everything now.
Leave no place for such fantasy, or wishing for something that does not exist.
Lose yourself into effortless existence and its movement.
Lose yourself to effortless presence and give up all effort to hold on to that which is not effortlessly present.
Ultimately there is only life, only movement.
There is slow, constrained, hard, fearful life when we are living from a false identity and fantasy/desires.
When I live fully, I open myself to the stream fully in absorption, leaving no space for any holding on.
All identity is holding on.
Because when experience moves 100%, there is nothing that stays.
There is just pure flow.
Open yourself up now.
Get absorbed into presence until there is no you left.

Live gloriously, die gloriously
Feel pleasure gloriously, feel pain gloriously
Succeed gloriously, Fail gloriously
All is transformation, all is glory.

2 Replies to “How to live”

  1. living life to the fullest may also mean giving 100% of yourself to each moment in your life.As you said when we are fully satisfied we will not hold on to those experiences and letting go would be easy, and we. can move on in our lives without having a second thought whether we did justice for that moment.

  2. Being 100% to a moment doesn’t justify for me.. I am Changing every hour, every moment.. I am a changed person with every new experience.. I can’t be always sure…

    Just my thoughts..

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