Absorption in God, Dark night, Normal worldly life


1: PURE RECEPTION = (all up)
2: PURE DEPLETION = (all down)
3: HALF RECEPTION HALF DEPLETION = (worldly person doing things and enjoying himself and exploring)

1st: The left diagram is when all your chakras are facing upward
That is the states where you are entirely in service of the divine
This would be a mystical state of not being in the world and having everything/all chakras serve the highest freq(infinite).
2nd: You have the dark night experience, where everything is cut off, the world and God both
All you have is yourself (as accumulation, a cross) and you watch/solve the tetris and see/dissolve all that you had become.
3rd: Is the common worldly man
Where his chakras face straight to the world..
So he receives part world and part god and does things in the world.

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