What is pain?

The ground here is that,
You are energy,
There is only one energy,
You ARE that ONE.

Now your energy carries various frequency bands of vibratory energies.
All pain is the “EXPERIENCE OF DISHARMONY” of vibratory energies.
The “EXPERIENCE OF DISHARMONY” is the “EXPERIENCE OF PAIN” (experientially speaking)
So pain is not a specific sensation, because one could be in harmony with that, in which case, that is no longer pain, but part of a harmonized experience.
Pain is something that is:
‘out of place’
‘the outlier’
‘the odd man out’
‘the resisted portion’
‘the undesired part’
‘the offbeat frequency’
It is the holding on of a discordant frequency in your energy which is not aligned with your other “emergent” harmonies.

Every identity is the formation of a “locus/nexus/harmony of structure” in your energy.
If identity is not WHOLE, then it is a PART, and therefore a part of your energy takes on a coherent/harmonious structure, and the other part appears as pain as you naturally identify with the “harmony/locus” just formed.
In this manner, different discrete sensation experiences can be in harmony or dis-harmony with the “harmony locus(identity)” formed and thereby the same sensation can create great pleasure or great pain.
This harmony/locus/nexus can be called the “input interpretation structure”.
In a sense “Input interpretation” IS “Reality experience”

By definition, all experience is only of the outside, its not possible to experience who you are, you can only experience the outside.
So by definition when you form an identity, you union with a certain “harmony locus” in your energy. That part of energy disappears from your experience and becomes YOU(implicit PERCEIVER), and what is outside becomes the EXPERIENCE/PERCEIVED.
Now you cannot experience ‘You/Perceiver’ because YOU ARE THAT, like a flame cannot burn itself.
So in a sense the highest goal is to UNION WITH EVERYTHING and QUELL ALL EXPERIENCE.
If you have an ‘Experience’, it means you have not union’ed with that thing.
Because if you did union with that thing, you would not EXPERIENCE it.
“EXPERIENCE” itself indicates that the object of experience is outside of you.
That is the fundamental duality of the ‘perceiver and perceived’.
The perceiver is implicit to every perception.
It is the perceiver that implicitly governs every experience.

Because all experience indicates SEPARATENESS/LACK OF UNION.
All EXPERIENCE = PRESENCE OF OTHER, and all presence of other is pain.
“NON-EXPERIENCE” or “ABSENCE” or “TOTAL UNION of everything with you” is the greatest JOY, like “DEEP SLEEP” IS.

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