Entry and Departure of life/spirit

* When life/spirit enters/ushers/increases, there is increased aliveness, higher frequency, higher refresh rate, and sublimation of experience (the sublime).
* When “life/spirit” departs/reduces/abates, one experiences the lower frequency vibrations and much slower refresh rate.

* This realm by definition is a band of frequency – i.e. the lowest frequency we can exist in the body, to, the highest frequency we can have to exist in this body. That is the spectrum of BODILY EXPERIENCE, the full gamut of what’s possible.
* If your frequency goes too low, you will solidify and all movement will stop from lack of energy. If the frequency goes too high, the movement will get so rapid you will disintegrate.
* So ultimately we are here in this body to experience the entire range of bodily experience which is the entire frequency spectrum in the body as I described earlier. All experience possible in this human body would be in this spectrum band.
* All beings on earth exist in a certain band of frequency, that is within the THIS EARTH REALM Frequency band. If any being goes beyond this frequency, he will disintegrate. If any being goes below the minimum, he will STOP and die.
* As spirits, we choose to inhabit this lower frequency band, which is provided to us by our body structure.

* Lower frequency experiences in their negative forms -> Slow moving dis-harmonies -> is the Dark Night descent experience.
* Lower frequency experiences in their positive forms -> Harmonies -> is all “PERSON/PERSONAL” experiences.
* Similarly, Higher frequency experiences in their negative forms – Psychosis(LSD), Chaos
* Higher frequency experiences in their positive forms – IMPERSONAL Pervading Joy, Love, Pleasure, Brilliance, Clarity

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