Shifting from internal attachment to external clinging as a stage of dissolution

When one is very hazy, one tends to seek clear people outside.
When one is powerless, one tends to seek powerful people.
When one is unsure, one tends to seek people with surety.
In a sense, I think the rule is:
“We try to externally procure that attachment which we have internally lost”

So if an object like say “Pride” for you is lost from your awareness, you will seek “Pride” in outside people and try to KEEP THEM in your awareness and therefore be drawn to them and hang around them.
But when you have internal pride(like a storage), you do not have this need to externalize and maintain. You are much freer in a sense.
So in essence, there is attachment to pride say, then the goal will be to keep it in your AWARENESS. If you can internally naturally get it, that’s awesome, you’ll feel free and great. Else, if you lose your internal source, you will cling to an external object representing pride (because that keeps that in your awareness basically)

So its very interesting, in a sense – the internal, external distinction does not even matter. The issue is always [what is my attachment? Is the object secure and stable? How much control do I have over maintaining the object?]
If external then control is much harder and you are enslaved in a sense
If internal and if present effortlessly then you can ignore that need and have freedom (just like your body is transparent to you when in perfect health).

So a deduction here would be:
with internal loss -> will come external clinging and enslavement
as a stage of development.
So every internal loss of “attachment objects” will lead to clinging of “external objects”(representing the same quality that one is attached to).

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