The withdrawal of soul force

Loss of soul means suddenly ‘everything’ is what you don’t want
What u want and investments becomes smaller and smaller and vanish
Then all you have is death(verb) or experiencing of loss willingly
The only will is then to lose
Nothing is wanted anymore apart from loss/death
Only the will to transform(die/change) remains
It is the movement back to NOTHING from everything

When deeper desires go asleep, sexual desire and survival then rule the roost. They appear as very fleeting and superficial desires.
The deep desires are lost.
All you know is “THIS, I DONT WANT”
What you want you don’t know
As you desperately try to find what you want, each image/thing disappoints and is unsatisfactory
The insight that ALL IS UNSATISFACTORY comes to the fore
Then progressive realizations occur which unions the opposites (life and death)

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