About body structures and disease

For every structure in the body there is the process of:
* Composition – Decomposition
* Growth – Decay
* Formation – Dissolution
If the definition of all disease is degeneration, then every single organ in the body is going to degenerate, and we can say, get diseased and lose more and more of its function.
This is because every cycle is complete.
There cannot be a crest without a trough in a wave.

Its like how a super complex machine can potentially have infinite combinations of issues.
Take your laptop – with its mechanicals, electronics, materials (glass, metal) with all the complex software – O.S. and Apps. Imagine how many combinations of things can go wrong. Its infinite right?

Then we talk about the concept/notion of aging gracefully.
Which means we want the degeneration to smoothly happen in harmony.
But this is not taking into account that harmony can exist only in contrast to disharmony.
So there will be periods of disharmony, because only then can you really appreciate harmony in contrast to that.
So there is more richness in that.

If the purpose of life is just to live as smoothly as you can and die, then it might as well be a well oiled machine running for 100 years.
What makes it worth it? Isn’t it the suffering, drama, surprise, mystery, unexpectedness, unimaginable-ness, adventure that adds to the depth and richness?
Each side illuminates and makes way for an experience of its opposite side.
You cannot have one without the other.
That will lead to a very sterile life.
If it were that sterile and predictable, wouldn’t life not be an insufferable bore?

A mysterious question to ask might be:
What is the energy that upholds the structures of existence?
What is the energy whose entry marks ‘growth and formation’ and whose departure marks ‘disease and decay’?
The answer to that, is that, there isn’t a magical separate elixir like god energy that enchants a so called dead universe devoid of energy.
Everything is made up of the same energy.
The same energy causes sickness, death, suffering also causes health, happiness, pleasure.
This is revealed only when you see the entire picture.

Nothing is static, so everything works in harmony and cycles of waxing waning/contraction release. And then there is also disharmony inserted as disease and suffering to make CREATE the experience of harmony itself (only disharmony makes the experience of harmony even possible).

Everything is alive and moving all the time.
The heart beats, the lungs breathe, the veins and arteries twitch, the digestive system has peristalsis and moves like a long moving snake.
The brain consciousness too has its cycles of activity-inactivity and vibratory activity.
Everything is dynamic (moving, flowing, vibrating, pulsing, twitching, beating, breathing, dancing)
What makes this beautiful is the experience of disease and disharmony.
Thank your disease for making your experience of health possible.
Thank your suffering for making your experience of release possible.

In a drama, the audience congratulate all the actors.
Similarly we must see how everything fits into the fabric of existence.

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