Insight from lucid dream – World Creator energy

I slipped in and out of some lucid dreams today with full consciousness, after a long time.
I got some wonderful insights and confirmations from the overall experience.
There is a chaos field of bubbling, vibrating, ecstasy without any objects.
It is like energy in its unborn (unmanifest) potential which has not yet taken form.
I felt this energy like a buzzing vibration with no objects.
This felt like the world creator energy.
All worlds spring from this energy and return to it.
(And all worlds are consciousness worlds)
From this ecstatic vibrating space, a lucid dream would manifest.
I would simply EMERGE into it and it would form with increasing clarity.
But the whole formation is WHOLE, TOTAL and ORGANIC.
It is exactly like tuning into an already existing signal on your radio.
The static that you hear, is this buzzing unborn vibration I am speaking about.
And when you tune into a station, as you move the knob, the entirety of sound vibration adjusts and flows into the radio station signal.
My experience was exactly like that.
And I have validated this on numerous occasions even earlier in my contemplations, but this was another very clear reminder of that nature of reality.
It is the ultimate holism. Everything changes.
The whole field changes and moves to different realities.
From this field, arises all of creation, and all of creation returns to that field.
It is the field of unborn potential.
There is a singular infinite energy that moves through infinite parallel universes.
The dream and reality have exactly the same essentially nature.
This holarchic transforming through infinite universes simultaneously appearing and transforming.
Exactly like how Bashar explains it:

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