Every display comes from its dual

Every outward display is coming from its dual.
The dual is dreamed as being the subject and then the action spontaneously spawns from this subject to quell the dual in equal and opposite measure.

Like I can experience being a subject who is super powerless (through being taught that by belief directly, or subjected to abuse when helpless – which ends up convincing me of the same), and this is a potential energy which would then manifest as all kinds of kinetic power displays in later life.

Its important to remember though, that the whole thing is dreamed up instantaneously, the subject and its outward action.
The action and its dual arise spontaneously in emptiness as manifestation.
Reaching that emptiness is freedom/liberation/enlightenment/realization.

The subject you consider yourself to be is actually an object of consciousness.
When this is seen, then one is liberated from the identity of the subject.

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