Libido = Interest = Heart = Inspiration = Love

Libido = Interest = Heart = Inspiration = Love
All 5 seem to be the same.
They are all in the realm of feelings.
Knowledge and skills are an accumulation that happens through the above 5.
The 5 are absurd and mysterious, an unfolding.
The reasons we give for their existence is also because of interest/libido/heart/inspiration/love, i.e. interest in giving a reason.
In other words, there is no REAL reason for ‘Why you like what you like’.
But there are ‘Apparent reasons’ (i.e. reasons based on how far you can deduce and based on your logic models).
The ‘First Cause/Reason’ is a mystery.
The dark night case: RETURN TO THE ABSTRACT – The Journey
The libido/interest/heart/inspiration/love going back into God/Source withdrawing from all creation/(things of God) and progressively stepping into the unknown abstract is part and parcel of the dark night. It is the RETURN TO THE ABSTRACT (the most abstract/subtle being God). The interest in concrete stuff is left behind and the interest moves into subtler and subtler (more and more abstract) realms until it returns to the infinite abstract i.e. God. This requires a withdrawal from all CREATION/THINGS OF GOD and RETURN TO THE GROUND OF BEING.

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