99.99% of our reality is the experience of our own personal psyche stuff

99.99% of reality is personal psyche stuff.
99.99% of the experience we have is from psychic projections/movement.
Only 0.1% of reality is the sensory world that is more or less objective and shared.
The external world/shared more or less objective reality/sensory reality is paper/wafer thin i.e. it forms a negligible part of reality experience.
That is why the dark night experience or ecstasy experiences can happen to anyone in any situation.
The external situation is irrelevant to such an ecstasy or dark night despair.
Because these experiences directly happen in the personal psyche as a certain projections movement.
So you could be in junkyard and feel almost 100% ecstasy, or be in the most beautiful safe place in the world and face a near 100% dark night despair.

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