Other people are my consciousness

Other people are my own consciousness.
So their emotions, are emotions in my consciousness.
My non-acceptance of their emotions –> actually means non-acceptance of those emotions in my consciousness.
In a way, their anger is ‘Anger in consciousness’.
My anger or their anger is ultimately the same –> i.e. both are appearances in my consciousness.
What I repress or avoid in others, is by nature, what I am repressing and avoiding in myself too.
This is because if I do not want ‘X’ in my consciousness then not only would I not allow myself to experience ‘X’, I would also not allow the other’s display of ‘X’ to make me feel ‘X’.
For example: Say you repress anger. Then firstly you would not allow yourself to feel angry. Secondly, even if someone displays anger at something, you would not allow anger to arise in yourself inspite of your witnessing of that person’s display. In other words, you are not really seeing that person’s emotion at all and you dont want to really see it, because it is the very thing you have repressed in yourself. You would dissociate with that person’s anger and stay stoic or something. Now if that person’s directs his anger towards you, then you would have to put greater effort to repress your own anger arising as a reaction, and this repression would require a very strong dissociation. Maintaining this dissociation takes up a lot of resistance and is therefore suffering, since Resistance = Suffering.
When it comes to other people:
Their sadness, is ‘Sadness in consciousness’.
Their sadness or my sadness is again the same – both are equivalent appearances in consciousness.
Based on what the contents of our consciousness are, like anger, sadness (whether endogenous or observed in other people), we either accept(love) or reject(hate).
What we call unconscious, is essentially what you have repressed or hated so much, you have pushed it out of your consciousness. When encountered with repressed material, we either fight hard, resist or avoid it to push it away.
Ultimately both fight and flight have the same purpose. To get the non-accepted repressed part out of your consciousness.

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