Emotion Types (Focusing, Dispersing)(+ve, -ve)

In emotions we broadly have focusing/narrowing/inhibiting/coalescing emotions and dispersing/spreading/disinhibiting/freeing emotions. Additional each of those emotion types could be +ve or -ve.

In short:
Focusing emotions (+ve, -ve)
Dispersing emotions (+ve, -ve)

Focusing emotions:

Shame, Guilt, Fear – Inhibitory, Negative Controlling & Focusing of Attention

Curiosity, Fascination, Passion – Inhibitory, Positive Controlling & Focusing of Attention

Dispersing emotions:

Wonder, Love, Creativity – Dis-inhibiting, Positive, Freeing of Attention

Chaos, Confusion, Spacing out – Dis-inhibiting, Negative, Freeing of Attention

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