Reality cannot be described

Reality is indescribable.
Description is only a fractional component of reality. Reality is not a child of description.
Reality is not limited by description either.
Reality can go on even if we completely stop all language and descriptions.
Description or storying is something we do to make the infinite manageable, organized, coherent in some way.

Is reality really made up of atoms?

Is reality really made up of vibrations?

Is reality really made up of energy?

Is reality really made up of various souls inhabiting bodies in a material dimension?

Is reality really made up of consciousness?

We take one small concept, such as atom, energy, vibration, materials, consciousness and apply it to everything around us.

The more intelligent and expressive someone is, the more convincingly they can put across any sort of meta-model, meta-paradigm, meta-concept, meta-story of what reality is.

We can filter all of reality through that one concept or group of concepts and therefore everything appears to satisfy that.

Each meta-concept is like looking through a colored glass. When you look through such a concept glass, all of reality takes the color of the glass. You see what you believe.

Some stories are so convincing, that they can cause instant conversion of belief glasses to the story.
The act of creation is from the play of belief. Belief is the potential energy for the creation of desire itself. Then desire is the potential energy for the creation of thoughts. Thought is the potential energy for creation in the material plane.

So: Belief –> Desire –> Thought –> Action

Somebody believes in the existence of ghosts. They see ghosts everywhere.
Somebody believes in the existence of god. They see god everywhere or whatever their vision of God is.
If you believe you are worthy, your confidence convinces everyone else that you are worthy.
If you believe you are attractive, eventually people will start to see you with your own eyes (belief).
At a further level, there are meta-meta-concepts that are embedded into your very eyes, so much so, you literally think you are that.Ultimate freedom is from the ultimate cleansing of this seeing. See from nothing, do not see from any presumption, supposition, belief, ideology, concept.

One awesome proverb comes to my mind:
Reality is THAT which reveals itself TO our method of questioning.
Our method of questioning is the lens.

Change the method of questioning, change the premise, change the belief, the reality will entirely shift.

That is why, it is always the quality of the question that matters much more than the answer.

People do not get enlightenment, because they are looking at the wrong places. Its like a man who has lost his keys on a dark alley but is searching for it in another location just because there are street lights there. Well the darkness has the answer. What you know, you already know. You cannot get to the unknown from the known.

Knowledge and belief is reductionist, it reduces to infinite to a manageable finite. But the problem happens when we lose touch with the fact that this knowledge/belief is an accumulation and not intrinsic of our nature. Certain beliefs(ways of seeing) gets embedded into our very eyes (even beyond wearing glasses) and we start to believe we are %this person%.

The act of description and believing in description is reductionist. By explaining something and believing it, you are solidifying the filter of your reality and LOSING AWARENESS of the filter itself.
You are moving further from the infinite as you believe and internalize more and more descriptions.

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