Lament about existential condition

How have people managed to collapse their infinite imagination potential
Into this severely constrained and limited space/time framework
Into this culture/society/belief/identity/commitment paradigm

I mean seriously, how can you constrain yourself like this?

It seems like such an insult, disgrace
Like i’ve been greatly wronged, punished
Like a severe prison I’ve been put into
Why would I ever decide to enter this realm of severe limitation
With a body which I have to constantly worry about and protect?

I live in constant fear
Of losing what little I have
Which everything around me keeps constantly threatening
And even to keep the little freedom I have
I have to work everyday for other people’s wills
And sell my soul away

What kind of a punishment is this?
This is just horrid, appalling, despicable.
What is the purpose of this realm of severe limitation?
It is such an insult to my infinite nature, to define myself as a narrow concept.
I mean how can I sell my soul like this, so cheap?

Is this the price for my attachments?
Such a great price?
Just to live in this first class prison?
Just to live in fear of loss all the time?

How can a sane man live happily?
In this condition?
How can he be so blind?
So as to not see how badly he has been limited?
Can ignorance of imagination really be that great?

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