Thoughts – Absolute truth, 100% change as 0 essence, external reality, control

We work with the representations most of the time and not the actual thing.
Let go of being open and let go of being closed.
We are trying to study and quantify an ever changing universe. But this attempt/paradigm to quantify itself is one among infinite paradigms.

The absolute truth is nothingness/nothing. So the potential in absolute terms is infinite. If there is no absolute truth, then everything we are witnessing is only a play among infinite possibilities. Even my capacity for understanding and its potential is part of the play. So it is impossible to understand the absolute truth or get there using thought or a particular questioning method. There are no answers, because an answer implies there is a question. The absolute truth is infinite and therefore nothing. All the things are only appearances in the absolute truth. Every experience is real as an appearance but absolutely its one among infinite potentials. So thats where you can let go of all appearances. There is only direct experience. Everything else is a holding on of some sort. The question of what should you do? You can do anything, it makes no difference ultimately. Absolutely there is no time and space even. So all this is a play/game and no thing is THE THING. The real thing is No-thing and it is not even a thing. A thing is an appearance inside it. That it, is not even an object. It just is and has no qualities since qualities appear as a form of it. To speak about it in language, I have to use the word ‘it’, but actually it is beyond/transcendent of everything and is the substance of everything that appears to me now.

The physical world can be studied forever, but its only one of the possibilities of the infinite. What difference does it make, whether I study the physical world or my mental imagination potentials. They are basically the same thing, a particular kind of movie.

There is a truth that is imposed on me called the external world which is basically expectations – body, social, physical laws. Not able to consistently meet expectations or exceed, results in anxiety, fear of punishment, further denial, getting indebted, getting attacked, marginalized, ostracized. Creates fear of survival. But what has to survive? This Frame? This mind? This state? This experience flavor? What difference does it make if the absolute truth is nothingness.

The only thing that needs to be observed is a 100% change. If an object changes from state A to state B, 100%, and if this change is observed, then irrespective of how often this magnitude of change occurs in time, the object has already proved that its essence is nothing. 100% change = proves 0 essence. What is essential does not change. What is essential/essence by definition = unchanging. If nothing is unchanging and if everything is changing whether now, later or when in time does not matter. If memory is strong enough and expansive enough to witness a 100% change in all of awareness, then the non-essence of all content is instantly proved. The ‘find out: who are you?’ question is meant to take you to the realization of non-essence, which happens when observation refines itself enough and sees clearly that 100% of change can happen. 

The external world is an appearance in consciousness and not a true reality because: Ask the question, where is the external reality appearing – Ans: In the screen of consciousness. If I close my eyes, the external reality disappears immediately from input. Which means, in the screen of consciousness, the external reality has disappeared. If I open my eyes again, again it appears. 

External reality itself in fact is a concept in the mind based on sense memory and conceptualization. Even that is an appearance in the screen of consciousness which can disappear as easily when you do the exercise of imagining green color filling your mind space where you see nothing but green in your mind’s eye. When you do this exercise, if you do it properly and completely, during the seconds you filled green color into your mind’s eye, even the concept of external reality disappeared.

A persistent appearance (external reality) does not imply its real. Its still only an appearance as einstein said “Reality is an illusion, a persistent illusion”.

The best analogy would be, to think the external reality is real, is like saying, a character that appears on the movie screen is real. Only the screen is real, not its contents. So maybe our real nature is like a dreaming organism, which can create this dream that we are in right now. In which case, you are not really looking at plastic, metal, another human being, a plant, a life-form, a rock and so forth. What you are REALLY looking at is particular forms of consciousness/knowing.

Control at the base level is about controlling experience. Not controlling other people, not controlling animals, machines and so forth. Real control is control of experience. This is because controlling people is also control of a certain part of experience but it is paltry in front of real control of all of experience itself. People who control other people are like blind men. They cannot see their own projections is what are controlling them, when the more intelligent thing they could do is control their projections directly instead. It is extremely inefficient to control other people. It just makes life unnecessarily harder.

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