Analogy: Distance Blindness for far away objects

Distance blindness is that depth perception is lost for far away objects. For example when you are on a train, the mountain and the sky look like they are on the same plane, but in reality the sky is much farther away. 

If we take stars, for a person on the ground, both alpha centauri and sirius both look like dots and in the same plane in their vision. But once you move to get to alpha centauri, then you realize how far away sirius is, again sirius looks like a dot from there. 

This is how I feel we evolve through life. As a child we dream of buying a room full of toys, but later that imagination itself evolves. What is a dot at a distance is attained, and again everything else looks like a far away dot from that point of view.

This is what I feel when my friend wants to move from LSD to DMT. In my imagination they both are the same. But since he has seen LSD, now DMT has become the dot at a distance. Since I’ve done neither, both of them look like star dots from my point of view.

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