Experiential Links to Digestion issues

Digestion problems seem to have clear experiential connections.
Pipeline: Perception entry (How much enters? How often?) – Information processing (How much is processed?, how long?) – Decision outcomes (final outcomes of the processing) – Archiving/Back burner storage (for processing later) – Excretion of the unused/unwanted (clearing storage)

Digestion problem summary: The gate valve allows too much in, the processing center is overwhelmed, everything is pushed to archival storage for later processing leading to lots of accumulation – hardly anything is excreted out since I want to extract so much and don’t want to lose anything.

Simplified summary:
So the issue is I’m trying to do TOO much beyond my available resources. This is resulting in fatigue and burnout. Therefore there is not enough energy for happily fulfilling daily expectations and surplus is limited.

Questions to investigate:
Why am I trying to do that? What am I seeking? What is the emptiness I want to fill? What is unsatisfactory right now?


Archival, Storage – working memory, short term, long term memory
Processing center (Intelligence center) – Intellectual, Analytical functions – Categorizing, Hierarchy, seeing relationships, patterns, interrelationships, connections, dependencies
Decision centers – Buddhi, Discriminator, Emotional clarity for decisions, clarity on goals and desires, world model, deciding what is useful – what is not, what to keep, what to reject
Excretion centers (Colon) – Completely removing the unwanted, discarded and processed stuff to make way for new stuff to enter.
Input – Perception centers, gatekeepers (RAS in brain), openness qualities

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