About momentum/karma/habits and self

Each person has – different momentums, accumulations, habits, tendencies, drives, desires – but all stemming from the ground of being.

Its like seeing the entire universe as it is, from a safe distance i.e. seeing all potentials as points, seeing all the stars as equivalent points of light from that distance. The subtler ones would get invisible as you go higher, as you go lower, you would see the smaller planets but the nearby star like the sun would be so bright, it would prevent you from seeing other stars.

Everything is momentum. Outside expectations are certain milestone points on the spectrum of potential directions. Which ‘direction set’ to choose? If this changes often, it results in in-decision because there is no stable point of view or perception.

Every behavior at every moment you choose is adding momentum to that direction. You are creating momentum every second of your life. When enough momentum is accumulated in some directions the other potentials become very very subtle almost invisible. Like how the sun obscures the other stars in the night sky, we develop a pattern of high level movement representing our personality.

There is only ‘Me’ and ‘My accumulations/karma’. If I dissolve my accumulations, then only I remain in my freedom. Psychedelics temporarily take you out into unfamiliar places. Your accumulations are your prison.

The doer is not constant, it arises and passes. Doer’s are basically desires. Each desire is an ‘I’ that is driven to fulfill itself. There are multiple competing I’s but continuously changing. The desire matrix is what is ‘You’ or what you call ‘You’. A certain attachment to certain directions, a certain momentum, accumulation. It can be said that the desire matrix gives us our experience of the doer. In this matrix again, it is continuously changing, however at different rates.

For Example:
Broad changes – childhood, adolescent, early adulthood etc.
Medium changes – when you move to a new place, change jobs etc.
Immediate – your current mood and how talking to a new person suddenly changes it

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