You are harnessing every moment and building momentum of choices. Creates habits which becomes automatic and loses consciousness. What you see everywhere is various momentums. Everywhere there is creation in different amounts and the seeds of all kinds of creation exists in the present moment in pure potentiality. A single minded focused man can build most momentum in a specific direction and you see a giant in that area. But even that falls away on death. So there are all these things popping in and out of existence at higher and higher frequencies the finer you look and ‘THERE IS ONLY THAT’. Infinite variety arising (living) and passing (dying), OR going in and out of existence. When we see a gestalt ordered pattern, we term it life. There is also the vertical dimension of the observer. At the smallest height the observer sees a proton as alive and at the largest sees the whole universe as one organism. In-between there are various levels and at a particular vertical height we have this view of living/non-living as defined in our conventional society.

Removing solidity from awareness is moving into subtler and subtler faster vibrating objects until you reach the objectless/formless from which ‘Form’ can be seen arising/passing at its absolute level of granularity.

We invest in patterns at every moment. All our habits operate unconsciously perpetuating our experiences in reality or we see our life moving in certain directions. We unconsciously invest in the same things at every moment and simply make the patterns/tendencies stronger. Freedom is freedom from all habit and tendencies and having absolute power over creation. Habits are the accumulation of our previous patterns. Karma is basically habit. The continuation and perpetuation of patterns. For example: Each time you give energy to getting anxious, worried, stress, frustrated, paranoid, scared etc. you are only fortifying, strengthening, reinforcing, empowering, further habituating those tendencies. You in essence are the entire energy of this universe. Every SINGLE aspect of your reality is a specific modification of this universal energy. This includes every single world view, belief, ideas about existence, who you are etc. EVERYTHING. At a low level of consciousness, all your tendencies, deeper patterns and beliefs about reality are invisible to you and operate right under your nose but you cannot see them. So you end up thinking you are a victim or a puppet being pushed around. It is not really ‘other people’ who push you around. It is karma itself or the force of habits that give you the same things again and again. The only way out is to elevate consciousness itself and empower yourself.

In zazen meditation, they stare at a blank wall and simply remove ‘All the mental conditions’ that cause stress and anxiety resulting in a complete elimination of the same. Even the jhana ecstasy is based on the cultivation of factors – concentration, equanimity. When these factors are cultivated to a high enough degree, it results in ecstasy. What are the conditions causing your reality? Especially, what are your mental habits, projections, tendencies, and drives creating your reality at this moment?

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