You are the entire universe

People would often settle for ‘you are a part of the universe’. But on further examination, the whole universe is you. When you are deep asleep there is nothingness. When you are awake all perceptions come back. You evoke the whole universe from your point of view while dreaming or awake. In the awake, dreaming state there is just perception. The ‘you’, mine, other is a division within the same space. ‘Time’ and ‘space’ are also part of this perception. Everything is eternally present and is ‘just is’. If all experiences are completed they leave the empty space you truly are without a trace. Like when a new born child moves from one room to another – everything is totally different.

People have also reported that set and setting is a huge thing while using psychedelics and just moving from one room to another makes a profound difference.  Maybe this is because the psychedelics greatly sensitize you and loosen your existing models of the world, allowing for fresh perspectives. You are life looking through this perspective/corner of its own creation. Everything is looking at itself from a specific viewpoint within everything. It’s like space moving through space. It’s like light moving through light. It’s like a hologram/fractal where everything is contained in everything infinitely.  Everything is a play of consciousness. There is wholeness in every moment. It’s only the form that’s changing.  All energies are there right now, the total energy of the universe is always the same and infinite and we are the total energy at every moment. Can you feel or know anything apart from you? We are the infinite energy and in an infinite sea of change. Even the enduring entities in our perception ultimately fall away upon death. So death is the final point for holding on to anything. The timeless component is not the changing forms; it is the formless awareness behind all form.
THERE IS NOTHING APART FROM YOUR POINT OF VIEW AND YOUR EXPERIENCE. If you think there is, you have just divided your experience up into categories and concepts. You have created the entire game of the universe and now you’re in it and pretending to have forgotten that you know everything in order to freshly experience everything for the first time through infinite living creatures having infinite lives and infinite new perspectives for each. But the awareness which is everything, which is the knowing, which is simultaneously empty is always your essence.
All experience is felt moment to moment and is unique at every moment on sensitive examination. We never step in the same river twice. All the entities we think of as having essence are ghost like, when we shine bright light of awareness on them, they simply disappear and the truth is revealed in sparkling clarity. These essential entities can be dissolved only on intense powerful observation.
Our ultimate desire seems to be of union with everything. We relate to humans and not animals because we think they are similar to us. It seems like we always try to further our definition of ourselves. If we identify with a certain culture, conditioning, beliefs etc. then we try to expand only in that direction by finding similar people. The wider the definition of yourself, the more people you are embrace and understand. With the highest understanding, by this reasoning, you should be able to embrace every single concept, thing, person; real or imagined.
Is it similar to how we divide the land area of the world into countries? Are we dividing and sizing up people into similar boxes, boundaries, sets?

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