Why is everyday reality so stable and predictable?

I can intellectually understand that reality at any moment is infinitely complex and I can also feel my own experience is continually different and changing. I imagine it to be a fractal which is continuously morphing. But yet, my day to day experience of reality seems so enduring, persistent, repeatable, stable, very slow changing. That is where I feel stuck and the element of boredom or dissatisfaction kicks in.

It’s like how we have rock like structures in nature. The rock is microscopically changing at every moment, but to my eyes it looks, well, like a rock. It would appear as the same rock to me throughout my 100 year lifetime. Another example would be looking at ourselves in the mirror everyday, the changes would be imperceptible right?
My experience of reality is mostly changing so gradually, that if I sample a day or two, there are moment to moment differences but overall it feels almost the same (low novelty). Extreme, shocking, exciting, rapturous, novel, moving experiences are quite rare. Their frequency is decreasing as I am getting older. The only direct way for me to get a powerful experience is by trying out new drugs and increasing the dose once I understand its effects. In such a case, I may enjoy life much more, but firstly society would gun me down, Coolidge effect would kick in and lastly I might get addicted to those pleasures and fall into a trap.
What elements control the experience of rate of change or rate of fluidity in my perception? My conceptual knowledge accumulated from my past is making everything more and more predictable with fixed patterns (mundane). What area of perception do I need to improve OR what do I need to examine to increase my enjoyment and fulfillment in everyday life? Do I need to simply work of increasing the fire of my observation and awareness from moment to moment?
I have read that some enlightened beings lead a super ordinary life as perceived by most people, but they are utterly fulfilled and happy by that. How is that possible? Is it that their sensitivity is 10 times of mine? What do they do differently?
All value is from comparison: like if you only date one girl, you only know one fractal, but if you have dated 10, then you’ll have 10 times the perspective etc. The perspective, interpretation, rating and ranking gets better, the more number of experiences you have.
Knowledge is riches because it opens up so many more life experiences accessible through memory and choose between perspectives at the present moment. Also, the joy of comparison and deep understanding through connections.

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