Undifferentiated awareness

When you drop everything, you reach an undifferentiated state without verbal thought. Basically when you pull yourself back to see the entirety, there is just experience. I use thoughts and break this pure infinite experience down into space, time, objects, other people etc. If I just totally pull myself to observing the entirety or the whole, I see that there is just ever changing experience. All value lies in the experiences themselves. All our categorizations of good/bad, right/wrong, self/other, inside/outside are just coming from our mental models of reality which we collect over our lifetime. But the model will only be an accurate as the depth of our investigation of reality. Generally people get lost in an infinite horizontal space and fail to see that this space they are standing on is itself resting on some unquestioned beliefs. In diving to the depths of consciousness, we see that there are only 2 states – awareness and non-awareness (sleep, part of dreaming, perception in waking life). You could take it even further and ask the question, who knows about the unawareness part – well awareness knows. So there is ONLY awareness and nothing else. The experiencer, experienced and the experiencing are happening in awareness. Awareness/Consciousness/Light is all that there is. Everything just is. Every moment is full of it, including illusions, mental conceptions, preoccupations, physical reality etc. – all of them are mental concepts occurring within awareness. You are everything there is. The magic of questioning helps to get through the layers of illusion.

Someone might raise the question ‘If a rat nibbled on your toe in the night, didn’t that happen? How can it be said that there is nothing apart from you? For this question the answer would be that there is simply experience which is complete at every moment and the value is intrinsic, in this very wholeness. A rat nibbles at you at night. There is a concept of day/night, rat, nibbling, harm, pain, you, separation (being separate from the rat) etc. But how would a new born look at it? There is just experience, no concepts of rat, mammals, good/bad, day, night, harm etc. The baby is not even aware of sleep because it simply happens. The experience is one flow and memory is the only thing that maintains time (due to comparison).

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