Gravity, Law of attraction – expansion and contraction

If entropy is continuously increasing – if this is a basic law – then functions such as holding on to memory, habits, beliefs would use up much more energy – like dough is a much more ordered form but so much of heat energy is required to make it.

Maybe law of gravity is law of attraction. Gravity is the reason solids exist bringing together particles. Gravity may be creating weight. Gravity may be creating personality.
Consciousness is space where everything exists in it. Realizing this and giving up ones ego for unlimited vast space is like collapsing gravity of personality. Now this is a confusing part. If the personality is collapsed, why would have any attractive force powers? Wouldn’t that make you a pure nobody? But surprisingly a lot of people of this sort have reported to be very attractive to everyone around. Maybe this collapse has a duality in it. They are either nobody or they become an incredible attractive force.
Maybe even emotions like love and inclusion feel like expansion while fear, repression is a contracting emotion. Is our natural nature to simply be in tune with the most basic law of the universe to expand forever. So holding on to anything is consuming lot of energy. At the most basic level we hold on to our personality with all its beliefs. Maybe holding on to this sense of I is a contraction. Are we overcoming this by acquiring more and more material possessions and emotional ties with other people? Maybe this explains our social desire. Our need for increasing learning. We want to continually keep expanding in everything. Romantic interest allows us to do this at a much more intimate level.
Does this also explain why our evolution is pushing us to connect with everyone else? For example the internet for sharing experiences and knowledge in the best way we know until now – media channels.
What is music in that case? Isn’t it a manifestation of order? Isn’t beauty a combination of unity – harmony and variety – diversity, Also how does it satisfy layers of order and disorder in reality?

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