Is power the ultimate drug? Inquiry and pondering

Why would someone want to control everything? Isn’t that power like a lucid dream? Technology can only be as useful or harmful as the mind wielding it, but what decides who wields it or what kind of consciousness takes control, what kind is a victim and what kind escapes?

Power and control always exists. Let’s look at the pure energy and not the forms. It’s just a play of energy. What’s the intelligence doing this is? Its different mimes and energy forms taking strength and dominating consciousness at different times. But our brain would adapt to whatever situation you put it in. Like the Nazi camp, people lost hope completely. Some other people are hyper motivated because they achieve whatever targets they set. Externally I see a human form, but what makes the person? His body with its automatic systems? His ideas which are got from social interactions with parents, relatives and friends? Where did the parents etc. get the ideas? What about genes? Who created the parent’s genes?

Logic falls apart as you expand the scope of inquiry. There is inseparability and nothing can be defined by itself as having any essence. Let’s move deeper into the individual elements. If a person is made up of mimes, ideas. Then what are these ideas? Energy forms? What is this energy? What decides which forms of energy dominate?

How do I know what this energy is? As I am writing this, what kind of energy is writing this? What kind of energy is there inside me when I am hearing words in my mind? What is the energy of seeing, hearing, smelling, touch, internal sensations? What is the nature of movement of these energies? What is the energy of sensations? As I indulge in different forms of thoughts, what is the energy of it? When I am stressed, what is the energy? When I am critically thinking in concepts, what is the energy? When I am relaxing, what is the energy? What is the energy for each of the social interactions I have moment to moment? When I think that I need to do a LOTTT and learn a LOTT to get enlightened, what is the energy? When I think enlightened is a very simple thing, what is the energy of that?

Even the word ‘energy’ I am using is just a pointer to feeling? Can I know anything beyond what I feel? EVERY SINGLE THING ends up into a feeling? The word feeling is a pointer to ….no words…, isn’t ‘THAT’ the irrefutable truth? It is a unifying field in which everything is happening and I am aware of this field at every moment of my life.

Seeking enlightenment is trying to find essence by going deeper and deeper into reality to find its elements. It’s a trip into the underground cave to find the core from which everything emerges.

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