Is the mind just a creation of the brain?

  • How can the wagon exist before the horse?
  • If there is a piano and music from it, who is playing the piano?
  • If there is an experience through biochemicals, who is witnessing this?
  • All psychedelic drugs imitate neurotransmitters and certain movements. In spite of them operating in more or less the same mechanism, subjectively people report wildly different things. Where does this subjective dimension exist? In which dimension does this information exist?
  • If our brain is a CPU in a computer, then what force/energy is responsible for animating its transistors?
  • What is the subjective element of experience?
  • The result is not the source of whats happening

The brain may just be a conduit to existing in the physical dimension as we know it. Its very similar to the movie avatar. The avatar may die, but you are not the avatar, so you wake up in your original dimension again. People in the avatar dimension thought you were only the avatar and therefore assumed the real you is dead.

It is like a person seeing through a kaleidoscope continuously and starts believing that if someone destroys the kaleidoscope, he would lose his vision. In reality, he would only lose that particular color pattern, he would continue to see things but in a different way.

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