This moment is the seed of all potentiality

The potentiality and seed of all personalities, great things etc. are in this moment. All possibilities of manifestation exist at this moment. You can completely choose to be any of the trillion personalities you can conjure up in your mind at this moment and this immediate manifestation will slowly create artifacts that allow others to recognize this change in you. Imagination and mind is the higher dimension compared to the physical since the time gap to manifestation is much smaller. In fact, most of what we see in the physical world has originated as a thought or idea people’s minds. So this mental plane is a precursor for all human manipulation on the physical.

People are deluded into thinking only the physical is real and thought is just a means to create something tangible. I can have much more freedom and tremendous speed in the non physical planes. For example, I can visualize my room in 10 colors within 2 minutes. How long will it take for me to actually paint the entire room with these 10 colors one by one?! Everything in an experience and all experience is equally real. The physical reality is nothing more real than our imagination just like gases and solids are equally real. They are just 2 different paradigms of consciousness. The physical plane is restrictive with all its physical laws and delay in manifestation. This delay differs depending on what we are dealing with. In other to sculpt on a rock, it could take a long time to get the desired shape. But on clay, it would take much less time. But our imagination can picture both the rock and clay with the same speed.

The only thing holding people into predictable patterns is their personality structure made up of beliefs. In order to function and survive in society, you are pushed into assuming a personality, following some rules and taking up some roles. Its a mass hypnosis that we believe our conditioning is what we truly are when its nothing more than ideas and concepts in our mind. They are just like clothes. The real you is none of that.

What you do is not you. Even, becoming is a side effect of our choices. What we become is not us. We are not even our choices. We are the entity (formless space, empty of form, no’thing’ness) that precedes choice and becoming. Nothing can affect the real ‘us’. Anything you can perceive is not you. Anything you can observe is not you. The very act of observation separates the observer, observed and the act of observation. No experience is you. The very nature of all experience is temporal and therefore transient. If you are having any experience of any sort, then that is not you. You are the watcher watching this experience. This ultimate observer/watcher behind all experience is you. You are nothing and everything at the same time.

To get an idea of who we really are, just close your eyes and stare into the darkness behind your eyelids for 3 seconds. Everything that disappeared during this time is not real. All of what disappeared was a thought and belief created reality. Another way is to find out what was common in ALL the experiences you can recall from your entire life right from when you were 4 years old till today. When deeply examined with very high detail you would find that all experiences were impermanent. What was the common denominator for all of these? Was there any experience that stayed constant throughout?

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