Staying in reality

What if you drop everything that is outside this present moment. In my experience, it is achieved by amplifying our observation. At any point of time, there are a lot of processes in our mind which consume resources. Like when you open the task manager in your windows PC, sometimes you notice a lot of unknown processes consuming a lot of resources. Thought patterns are sustained by their supporting beliefs. If you drop the beliefs the thoughts will stop receiving fuel and die down.
Stopping some core survival based sensory interpretation requires PURE trust.

When you keenly observe after a while some amazing processes are spotted.

  • When you close your eyes, how do you know that you are in your room sitting in your chair say? You can literally feel the layout of the room and a vague feeling of all the items in it. This process can be dropped which will make you feel you are just floating in space.
  • Proprioceptive – awareness of your body in space. How do you know the boundaries of your body? This process can be dropped.
  • If you play music and intensely follow its notes, you can also step out the mosaic like visual fractal created behind your closed eyelids. This vision processing can also be turned away from.
  • Turning away from the hearing process is the most difficult. It seems like its the most intimate survival aid and turning away from it requires tremendous trust.

Suddenly things start to become very clear. All the energy spent in circulating thoughts is freed into the present moment resulting in sights, sounds and feelings increasing in perception clarity. I can stay in this state for a short while before the hypnosis kicks in again. Everyone around me seems to be living in an hypnosis. Every single thing you can perceive cannot be you because you are the ultimate perceiver like a fire that cannot burn itself.

We hypnotize ourselves into creating an identity which is a collection of certain thoughts (images), feelings stored in memory. Its a lazy and inflexible mind that creates stickiness and a continuity similar to persistence of vision while observing a fan rotating (it appears like a full circle). If you really experience your daily life with more intensity, the discontinuity can be seen and the real you can dis-identify itself.

When you meet another person, his concepts, perception filters and opinions are relevant to you only within that interaction. Because concepts, opinions, beliefs and perception filters exist at an independent plane and need to dis-entangled from other planes. His filters are just one of the ways of interpreting the infinite reality. You can pick up his concepts if they empower you or drop all of it after the interaction is complete. But do not exaggerate its importance in the large picture of reality.

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