Thoughts – 15 Mar

Repeating a word makes it lose meaning. Staring at your face in a mirror for long makes it lose meaning. Doing the same thing again and again removes its meaning too. Meaning is a very fleeting feeling…if we grasp on to it, it quickly dissolves. So I would interpret moderation as just doing things while they are still meaningful.

Everything seems like a piece in a much larger puzzle. Everything is only partially known, I do not know the underlying connections. It’s like all the individual icebergs are connected underneath the water deep.
Happiness comes from being relieved of burdens more so than acquiring something.
I am just not able to extinguish all the to-dos. They are just overflowing and multiplying. When am I going to reach a day when there are no to-dos. It’s like a Tetris game and I do some hotch potch and make it ok but I am always in some kind of pressure. In fact getting a job is to primarily drop this pressure. How can I drop everything?
Living purely in the present moment requires trust which gets rid of all fear. The more change you witness, slower is the time passage.
Body image can be tested – It is a static unobserved unconscious entity, but when disturbed creates lot of turmoil…say I lose my front 2 teeth, or I lose my hand or leg…how would I feel about myself?…If I am unaffected then I am truly detached from the body both in function and in maintaining a certain image.
I guess there is lot of such unconscious rock like structures present in me now. For example this employment tension is one such. The happiness I get from getting a job is getting rid of that rock that I need to do this, which is conditioning. If I am truly free of conditioning, ‘getting’ and ‘not getting’ will feel the same: Bliss.
Acquiring bliss and deep understanding with everything is the highest that intelligence can offer.
When I am totally awake there are no dreams or day dreams.
Anything that touches time has an end. Fear is tied to time. If we have no interest in something, it does not need to be transcended, it does not even exist. The power to believe, identify and give attention fuel the thoughts.
If a thought creates a particular kind of reality then that is imaginary and not the absolute way things exist. Drop the thought or importance of it.

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