Thoughts – 7 Mar

If meaning is a choice we make…what is the best way to create this equation….would anyone voluntarily choose and follow society’s constructs after discovering this knowledge?….Deriving one’s sense of worth and meaning from society seems to be a huge postponement and a very circuitous way where you need to attain X at each stage

The entire society is man’s collective attempt to create order and is always constantly challenged by chaos…

What is the thing we take for most granted? Probably the air we breathe?What if we were grateful for every breath? Wouldn’t it give us the highest sensitivity for the sublime feeling of satisfaction?

The whole sense of meaning/experience is completely unique to each individual and in a way all are equivalent.

Each dominant emotion in humans is countered by its dual in others. The question is will black or white win? But nothing can win in a sense because they depend on each other. One implies the other so they are one.

Pure concepts are imaginary and too simplistic to actually exist.

If you want to maximize pleasure in a relationship, both the parties should have the same intensity of interest for the same. Not like one is interested in maximizing the relationship pleasure and the other is interested in his/her work life.

Judging anything requires you to have a rubric in your mind at another level. These rubrics are known only to the individual judging can be deduced by observing his judgements.

Playing with meaning is the greatest power. It changes the entire life of the person. Like the movie inception which implants an idea which changes that person completely in his time dimension.

Knowledge or knowing something, understanding something happens the moment there is synchronicity of neurons. The more synchronicity, the more the feeling of understanding.

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