Thoughts – 21 Jan 2012

Whatever i do serves as a catalyst for the subsequent mind state/mood

  • When I sit idle for long, my mind starts getting dull and empty and the subsequent state has even more of this inertia
  • When I work in office especially in the morning after the 1st hour of work, my brain gets even more activated to plan and execute mode
  • When I watch a movie, my mind get primed to those emotional states that the movie puts me in, it opens the door to my own associated memories and corresponding thinking patterns
  • When I write this blog, as I write my mind gets primed into thinking in these directions even more
  • Social interaction activates my mind and gives me new thoughts to think about
  • When my brain is highly activated throughout an office day, it gets primed to totally relax and enjoy any music in the evening.

What is this priming effect on the brain? It seems to be some kind of momentum that makes it easier for me to reach states. This momentum channels my energies into the respective directions. When I sit idle for long, I generally lose all momentum. Maybe this is equivalent to wanting to get to a place 10miles away but I have to walk all the way because of no momentum. If I had been primed sufficiently, that would be equivalent of having a car going at 60mph where this distance can be covered literally 20 times faster.

I also use this principle for getting difficult work done like studying for an exam. The pressure on the day before the exam, gives the brain tremendous motivation and I spring into action since the fear that I might not do a good job does not arise since I am working at my own limits. When you work at your highest potential, fear disappears. Fear is only there because you know you are not even doing close to your best. So this situation gives tremendous momentum equivalent to a car going at 60mph vs walking 3mph. So I accomplish much more with greater endurance too.

On some days, getting the momentum to even do basic jobs seems like a huge chore. On other days, I am so full of energy and ideas. Getting yourself conditioned into what society expects you to think is an easy way to automatically gain momentum towards their approval and recognition. Then of course, if you want the approval of the masses and think like them, you would have to deal with the same problems as the masses and is mostly mediocrity. And besides, other people capacity to make you feel less worthy is great. They would find newer and newer ways of doing so. And even if all of them accept defeat, psychologically the extra pleasure you receive from their approval and validation will become your baseline and this would get converted to a need instead of a want.

A 5-D map showing my patterns in a day (in progress)

Breath analysis:
I notice that I hold my breath whenever I am trying to suppress my thoughts or suppress anything for that matter. The relationship between the breath and the mind is getting more and more fascinating by the day. I usually observe the breath for a short while, but its really difficult to do it throughout the day. I wish I had a machine to show me the pattern of my breath for one entire day. That would be excellent information for me to work on and analyze

Relationship insights:
As I dig deeper and deeper into the problems in relationships, I think one of the root problems is the basic differences in priorities of the 2 individuals. This difference is similar to how we all look physically unique. The bridge that connects the 2 distinct entities is communication. Each person has his/her communication module which is capable of expressing needs, wants, desires to the external world . The other aspect is empathy. The ability and extent of empathy in an individual depends on their direct experience (self knowledge) and knowledge in psychology and philosophy. After all everything you think the other person is feeling is from your own experience. It is impossible for a human to have a direct experience of what the other human is feeling. Psychology helps you understand yourself. Philosophy helps you think about why the world is as it is and other dynamics such as your relationship to nature, all living things, what is conditioning, different religions and their logic etc.

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