Mind tricks with masturbation frequency

Just after masturbating, or while doing it many days in a row, a small amount of those pleasurable still remain in the system. I think this is what causes the intense craving to do it again and again. Its like you get a continuous taste of that feeling, but it is very very mild. So you feel an intense craving to revive that peak feeling and do it again and again with much higher frequency. This sometimes leads you to think you sex drive is abnormally high. But on many occasions when I have abstained from it for sufficiently long, this mild trace also stopped. In fact this state scared me. I was afraid to lose this pleasure and again resumed it.

Surprisingly, I have heard drug addictions too work in a very similar way. The drug takes quite a while to fully exit the system. So when there is a trace of the drug in your system, there is a very strong craving to get the peak experience back. The more I explore, I realize that drugs reveal a lot of esoteric deep secrets about life.

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