Baseline mood enhancers

– Cool air (6 – 12 deg C)
– Fresh air
– Humidifier and dust filter for dust/pollen free environment
– Medium strength – Intermittent or Continuous breeze (in a beach, building terrace, traveling in a vehicle next to window)
– Physical comfort with strong and balanced posture (not lying down or slouching)
– Attractive visual setting with emotionally pleasing items and arrangements OR pleasing scenery (like sightseeing, natural beauty or novel environments)
– Comfortable soft fur/feather jacket that fits well
– Clear lungs – steaming + neti pot
– Cold water dip or shower – around 25 deg C or even colder
– Smooth unobtrusive effortless breathing
– Yoga and breathing exercises (eg: Pranayama)
– Meditation on pleasant sensations
– Hearing favorite music through excellent headphones or earphones
– Interesting stimulating social setting – friends/family/significant
– Intellectually stimulating conversation or reading material

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