Projection map

Each island in this map represents different people in our lives in terms of the emotions and feelings we project towards them. The pink areas represent the good parts and the black areas represent the unpleasant projections. The larger central island represents a person with whom we have had a close relationship, so many more projections are stored with larger areas for good/bad projections stored. Depending on the mood of the 2 people, situation and context the brown circle shows what we might experience at a particular point of time. In this case its 50% good projections, 50% bad ones with a well known person. When the situation is favorable, all your projections might be in the pink area results in very pleasant emotions while its also equally likely that you may entirely move to a grey area where all the projections are very unpleasant. This could probably explain love/hate in relationships.
Now this diagram has been simplified to explain the basic concept. These projections may not be a static map, they probably continually change like a fractal and create similar patterns unless an external stimulus strongly influences its pattern, which in case might temporarily alter its behavior.

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