Terrfic couch! and Ambience at Oregon house

Here in Oregon Hillsboro, the place where I’m staying, there’s a crazy comfortable couch. Sitting on it provides the most comfort I’ve ever felt as far as I can remember. After a few mins of sitting, I totally feel like I’m floating. To add to that there’s an awesome surround sound music system which confuses me into believing a few sounds from it are actually from a real thing. There’s also a huge flat screen TV and an open garden with a small play slide visible through tall glass windows. The hall extends into the left side with a platform like partition and this side has a pool table and a very high ceiling. There’s a cool looking lamp which gives out a subtle diffused yellow light on the right and to the left there an chess piece like wooden object with a buddha statue over it. There are some interested decor items and a clock that reminds me of the Adyar terrace bedroom. The backyard to the right, faces the east side, so there’s awesome sunlight coming through in the morning and during sunset it comes in through the left window. To the left partition there is also a keyboard which sounds brilliant due to the high ceiling and openness. There are some stuff toys too from Disney land behind the TV which gives a very homely feel. In the platform to the left there is a bowl having dried roses which gives out a really pleasant smell. Everything is so airy, open and free with awesome/bright views through the large glass windows.

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