The brain’s CEO

Its interesting to think about what kind of skills a director, VP or a CEO of a company might be having. These skills are said to be in the frontal lobes of the brain which are supposed to be responsible for executive function.

How does one develop those skills to maintain clarity of all the chaos around and make optimum decisions using judgement and understanding. How does one hold multiple ideas/priorities in the brain at the same time? I wonder what exercises would be good to develop that skill. It seems to be a pretty important skill in the corporate world as a whole in order to “move forward”.

I would  think the following activities should improve this function:
1. Practicing mental maths
2. Reading a lot of material and then writing an essay
3. Debates/Active discussions
4. Practicing Memory Recall, memorization
5. Trying to attend to more than one thing at once
6. Playing sports (almost all of them help in this regard)

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