What would unlimited freedom feel like?

Freedom and attachment are closely linked. If you can renounce everything, you would have the most freedom. But you would have to renounce everything from your personality, preferences, likes/dislikes, even your survival instincts. Complete detachment gives you unlimited choices for any action and maximum freedom.

Its an interesting imagination exercise. What would you do and feel if you had ultimate freedom, with physical invincibility and any power that is imaginable? I think a lucid dream can be a portal for such an experience. I do experience great freedom in them but I think it can be a LOT MORE. In a dream there is no time, there is no space too – you can teleport to any place, nothing is fixed. Things can melt, transform. Even your physical body is just a residual body image and you can shape shift into any form you want. You can fly like a bird or move like a 4 legged creature. Its is the ultimate world for your imagination ever. Far richer experience than any virtual reality.

I believe that is the ONLY state in the sensory world that would give you that level of freedom. No other activity in my opinion comes even remotely close to the freedom of a lucid dream.

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