Dreams may be far more revelatory than we think

People who have smoked DMT report crazy experiences and encounter with strange entities. We dismiss all that calling them hallucinations. But what is a hallucination really? What if its a parallel dimension coexisting with our reality? And what if we are accessing that by switching our frequency channel? What if this dimension is the super set/mother-ship of what we call reality in day to day terms?Maybe you are getting to experience something far beyond even our imaginations and thoughts about what reality could be?

We dream every night and most people dismiss that as random electrical activity in the brain of no consequence. But what is the inherent meaning of a dream? Maybe our waking world is a dream and every night we revisit the higher dimension and acquire energy and understanding? It can’t be ruled out, can it? Maybe we need much greater awareness to see its significance?

Technically, if consciousness is animating the electrical networks in your brain causing you to have experiences then isn’t the consciousness itself switching to a different channel during REM sleep? The brain receives twice the blood flow during REM. How can this random activity or subconscious processing of information (as called by psychologists) provide energy? What happens when we go to deep sleep? Where do we get our energy from? The answer cannot be just food and water, and an endless process of a form of recycling, can it? We spend almost a third of our lives sleeping and we still pay no attention to it?

If a person talks in this manner, you would dismiss him as crazy and there would be a consensus that he should go to a mental hospital or rehabilitation center. But is consensus good enough to believe he is really crazy? What if we are the deluded ones and he is at-least questioning? Culture is just a boundary defining engine, a virtual reality where your forced to think within specified limits.

Rational thought is just a small part in the spectrum of thought, yet most people think that scientific and rational thought provides context and answers to everything. I too had this belief throughout childhood but I always felt a strong desire to explore philosophy and other ways of knowing. The blessing of broadband then came and opened my mind.

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