Parallels from my roller skating experience

1. Initially when I tried I just couldn’t even move. Walking from one end to the other was really difficult and I fell down many times. The legs/foot had to kept extremely tensed to prevent falling. It was just unbelievable how people were doing it with such ease.
2. Then in the 2nd day, I was much better, but still my legs would hurt, I would go fairly slow and was still tensing the legs. I was also falling now and then because of the balance going off.
3. I read that the body’s gyro takes some time to adjust and after that it would be smooth. I still found it unbelievable even at that stage. But surprisingly, each time I tried after that, there was continuous improvement. After the 4th time I could skate fairly fast but i couldn’t life my feet off the ground. Just glide. But this made turning very difficult and the shins would start hurting in a short while.
4. After this I decided to slow down again and try lifting my leg with each step and lengthening the time. I did this really slow for a while. After a while, I got the flow and I could increase speed. Even the legs were relaxed and it felt much smoother.

I was just wondering if this same analogy applies to any activity that we take up….

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