Interesting view about how life experiences create desire

Taken from Yahoo answers: – original source: Journey of Souls by M.Newton.

For someone who has encountered hunger, cold, a shortage of amenities or a home, a deep seated fear and a need to protect oneself from the harsh realities of life gives an inordinate emphasis upon what others take for granted. For orphans, mothers are the most cherished and valuable assets in the world, because they grew up without one, for some it may be freedom if they were raised in an oppressive household, or love and someone to care for them should they have suffered neglect and abuse in childhood. Some covet fame and notoriety, or popularity to heighten self esteem, others fool around with anybody and everybody top enhance their own reputations, whilst good folk seek only one kindred soul to spend their life with. Life experiences dictate priorities. Having an important occasion and having nothing suitable to wear or not being able to afford to purchase much needed necessities always places greater weight on the accrual of capital. Depends upon personality type. Some spend and squander money, others remains frugal and money wise all their lives whether rich or poor. Spiritually rich as you seem to be, gives full enjoyment and extracts pleasure from ordinary daily happenings. If you have lots of money I suppose you can to a certain extent be godlike, in that you can have and do most things, perhaps that is what he means, money can give you more freedom and opportunity to experience life fully. But as I have little money I don’t fully understand his point of view.

||This part is more opinionated||
The happiest people you will ever meet have no money. If somebody tells you that life is all about money then you should feel pity for that person. Our current economic system is entering free-fall, and the only way that we’re going to prevent a catastrophe of biblical scale is by changing it. Pity the ones who love money, for they are lost: more-so than they can imagine! Join the people who just want to live, be happy, learn, enjoy life for the gift that it is and then you can feel true pity for those whose lives have been wasted chasing gold. The sooner you realize that you don’t need any of those things that you are told are essential, the sooner your soul will progress. We are here to learn, not to become rich.

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