Unusual things that I really enjoy

Possessing measuring instruments in all domains thinkable. I would like to use them in varied situations and really study phenomena. I would like it to have maximal resolution and range.
1. Measuring light level – LUX meter, Range – 0 LUX to Extreme sunlight
2. Measuring sound – Decibel meter, Range – 15db to 140db
3. Measuring weight in 3 ranges – 2kg to 200kg, 1gm – 5kg, 1/1000gm level
4. Measuring wind speed – Barometer – from 0.1kmph to 150kmph
5. Measuring brain waves 1hz – 200hz Portable EEG
6. Measuring electricity – A simple multimeter
7. Measuring Temperature – Pointer type or normal, range – -50 deg C to 150deg C
8. Measuring Basal metabolic rate, Fat %, muscle mass, Calories in food, Other health related stuf
9. Also like measuring(subjective) emotions and mood using scales like x/10
10. Like to measure the distance between memoriesĀ  – not by the clock time passed but just by comparing how vivid and real it feels

Instruments that help extend senses.
1. Seeing – Binoculars, Telescope, Microscope, Night vision, Digital camera for storing
2. Hearing – Stethoscope, Sound amplifier and Recorder
3. Smell – I wish something existed, perfumes maybe
4. Taste – Something that would help enhance it, e.g.: some wines
5. Touch – The only think that helps here is concentration or taking weed etc.
6. Mind – Anything on the computer is an extension of the mind and can also store stuff

Anything related to astronomy and comparing interstellar distances.
1. Science fiction stuff like e.g.: Warp drives, space sails
2. Concepts like Black holes, Star formation, Wormholes
3. Space-time fabric and gravity concepts
4. Imagining the magnitudes of distances by shrinking to imaginable scales

Work on creating analogies and interrelating day to day concepts with my findings. I believe analogies serve as a higher form of communication in the order “Analogies < Advanced vocabulary < Simple words". After reading on totally open ended subjects, I like to synthesize everything in the form of analogies. E.g.: Analogy between studying and driving: India vs US.

I enjoy making creative connections using mind maps. Basically totally exploiting the visual medium along with the verbal one we used most often.

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