The world is a sensation

The entire world appears to us as a sensation.
The “world” is a sensation in consciousness.
The world is literally a FELT PRESENCE.
So if I have to take you out of this world,
All I have to is remove your sensation of the world
[I do not have to fly you to outer-space]

Let’s take 4 aspects: Sensation -> Mind -> Feeling -> Intuition
The food for the mind is sensation.
Feeling tells you if the sensation is acceptable/good or unacceptable/bad (which is again based on the mind’s mentation about it)
Intuition taps on all the symbolic images (imaginal/imaginations) opened up by the sensation.

Knowledge is a sensation too.
Supposing you go onto the stage and out of stage fear and anxiety you go blank
What has really happened?
You have lost touch with the SENSATION of that knowledge (the sensation is buried and overpowered by much louder and grosser energies of fear/anxiety/fight-flight which have shifted your entire perception – drowning out the sensation of your knowledge completely in your CONTEXT now)
You know that you know when you feel the sensation of that knowing.

That is how even when a person is totally alone,
He may feel no loneliness at all, and may even feel great connection.
Why? Because he carries the “SENSATION” of being connected.
And the world IS the sensation of it.

The opposite also can happen,
You can be in a place full of 1000s of people who love you,
and feel NO SENSATION of it.
This would mean those 1000s of people DO NOT EXIST to you because the SENSATION of them is absent.

Desire transcends consciousness itself

Desire is what makes something real.
Desire is what imbues reality to that which we desire.
Desire is the soul.
Desire is what makes us conscious at all.
With the fading of desire, consciousness fades too.
Desire for the world is what makes the world real.
Once desire for the world fades, the previously real world fades into illusion.
It is exactly like how the desire for the movie makes the movie real.
The minute you lose all interest in the movie, the movie is just a light-show, an illusion, and you find yourself back in the theater seat.

Desire = Interest = Investment
Your desire is what gives reality to the world and its objects, to this physical reality, and even to the mental reality.
The ‘world’ is an object in your consciousness.
Desire -> Consciousness[Mind -> Body and World]
Mind is the object of consciousness.
And the body and world are objects of the mind.
Your mental interest makes the body and world come alive.
Lose desire, and you return to the infinite unborn unmanifest emptiness.
Desire is the ‘reality giver’ to all of the manifest in all its forms.
Our desire gives life to the entire world and all its beings.

Transition from child to woman to man


The symbology I attribute to child, woman, and man is as follows:
Child = Spirit
Woman = Heart
Man = Strength, Character, Action, Definition.

My hypothesis here is that (also based on my own experience):
We start off as spirit (infant/child)
Then our relationship with the mother (woman) forms our heart.
This also determines whether we will have a good heart or a dark heart, a closed heart or an open heart.
Thereafter once this process is complete, we go on to become the man via. the father and embrace the larger world/community.

So, every man is a woman (symbolically speaking, the way I described it above).
He grows into a man from the bed of the heart of a woman.
Similarly the woman then grows into being a man, which is like the plant emerging tall from the soil (symbol of phallus/obelisk).
That is why, if a child splits off the relationship/love with his mother, the results are disastrous.
He may try to kill himself – because of seeing himself as the creation of the mother, and the idea of “If the creator herself has rejected it, then I must reject it too”.
The child here is barred from loving anything, and is imprisoned in the dark night of soul, the dragon of chaos, because he/she needs love to emerge into form.
Whereas when the child splits off from the father alone, he may be filled with love, but have no direction of how to be or what to do in the world.

There are many other interesting branches opened up in this intuition.
For instance, if the woman hates/rejects the outer world in general, then that prohibits the child too from loving the world.
Because the osmotic transmission from the mother is that – “The world is terrible, you are better off hiding from it”
That imprint stays, and bars the child from bringing the world into his consciousness.
If the mother hates her body, then that imprint too gets across to the child as programming.
These programs get projected outward and the whole world and all the other physical people simply act as props for the manifestation of this deep metaphysical programming that has occurred.

We believe everyone lives in the same world? Really? Think again.
Each one of us lives in the unique artistry and tapestry of this programming and we literally live in different worlds entirely.
We understand each other from a deep connection to a shared being.
Somewhere the entirety of the collective human heart/mind is present within us, and we understand others to the extent to which we ourselves are connected to this.

Sensations, Psychological activity, and Integration

There are multiple sensations of chaos/pain -> simultaneously happening in:
1 – Sensation/physical reality
2 – Mind/psychological reality
One is not the cause of the other.
Rather both are simultaneous.
1 – Every sensation carries the potential for the psychological effects
2 – Psychological effects carry the potential for sensational effects.
[Sensation effects Psychological effects] = Are ONE, they come together
Focus shifts:
1 – However it is possible to focus on the sensation alone.
2 – OR It is possible to focus solely on psychological effects.
Generally the psychological reality is much more complex that the bare sensation and it can trigger a world of thoughts/memories.
1 – If one wants to rest, then it is possible to simply rest on sensation which by virtue of focus suspends the psychological animation/activity. [Depression – depression by itself is simply rest]
One then experiences only pure sensation with no interpretation.
2 – If one wants to delve into the psychological world of the sensations, then a channel of expression such as free-writing can reveal all the webs of meaning of potential opened up by the sensation.
Here one can get absorbed into all the narratives, stories, webs and principles.

‘Attention/Focus’ is what limits reality to one or the other.
Can one pay attention to the sensation and thought together?
Yes, to an extent, but there is a limitation here – it can tire you quickly.
As a rule:
1 – Divided attention tends to tire – because it takes a lot of energy.
2 – Single minded attention tends to relax – because it uses a much thinner stream of directed energy.
So interestingly, paying attention reduces energy expenditure since the reservoir of energy available is channeled.
That is how people can do focused work for many hours(one thing is relevant, rest is irrelevant), but when they are restless with nothing to do(all is relevant), they can get depleted very rapidly.
It is similar to a circuit.
– If the circuit is not properly closed, then the energy leaks in a lot of places.
– If it is fully closed, then energy is conserved.
The next question though will be about the focus structures themselves.
‘Focus structures’ are driven by desire.
But desire is usually shaped by self-concept/ego-concept structures created in the early years.
Then there is the deeper archetypal desires of your self/soul which are more global and abstract.
So generally again there is a dichotomy here:
1 – If your ego-concept aligns fairly well with your soul/deeper desire -> you function and explore happily within the structure of your ego in the world.
2 – If your ego-concept is distant from your soul desire (your true wisdom) -> the soul will drive most of the efforts into correcting that and seeking learning.

In point 2, that disharmony = pain, and this pain will drive you towards the task of acquiring the necessary understanding to bridge the gap that will integrate and reshape the self-concept.
In such a case, there may be a movement towards dissolution of structure and entering the deeper chaos (the chaos is from lack of conscious nurture) again to realign with your soul-potentials which were abandoned earlier.
Why is there a dissolution? – because probably the structure has already served its purpose and most of its potentials have been explored OR it could be from having many neglected potentials which were not included in your early structure, necessitating integration work via. intuiting of higher order principles as executive agents for the reassembly.

Extroverts, Introverts and the Mystics


I would first like to lay out some spectrums:
Dissociation/Abstract ——— Association/Literal
Transcendence ———– Immanence

In the above 2 spectrums, we would have mystics to the far left, introverts in the middle, and extroverts to the far right.
So it might look something like this:
M = Mystic
I = Introvert
E = Extrovert

Our psyche projects life/emotion/feeling into the world and enlivens it.

For extroverts, I think the world objects and people are so totally mapped to their psyche that there is no distance.
They are completely tuned into this world.
So there is no abstraction, rather the world is literal and everything in it is literal.
It is the perfect projection of essence giving total reality to the world and its objects.
For example: If an extrovert says I want that specific car, then his feelings permeate the whole car.
The car literally carries his projected feelings perfectly.
So when the car moves, it is his bundle of feelings literally moving.
So similes and metaphors would not apply since there is no distance between the projection and the object.

Introverts I feel, do not attach to the objects themselves directly but do so to the mental representation of the objects.
So they are a layer removed from the literal and are slightly abstract.
So introverts may use similes, metaphors or abstract concepts more, in their communication.
They see the world with SOME distance and the mental representation in the intermediate layer they interface with the most.
The objects serve as a cue to trigger their mental representation, and then the focus is a bit more internal i.e. on the representation.

Mystics I feel are on the far left end.
They are 1 layer further removed from even the mental representation of objects.
So they inhabit a space that is highly abstract and they witness the deep activity of the symbolic deeper mind.
So their communication tends to be heavy in allegory, metaphor, analogy, and symbols.
One must contemplate on what a mystic says to truly understand it.

This makes me wonder, could we say extroverts are in the nucleus of this world (realm)? (though in conventional life we look at it in the exact opposite way i.e. seeing extroverts as the ones moving around the most)
The introverts are on the nearby electron orbits?
And the mystics are on the outermost electron orbits?
I feel the mystic/free-thinker is a free electron and enjoys a certain freedom in terms of moving around between different atoms and molecules. (which is an analogy for moving in and out of different higher context worlds with an abstract understanding that works in all those worlds)

I feel the mystic operates on the fringe. He is a messenger, a link between the known and the unknown, a link between order and chaos, and he brings back information from the other worlds and assists the evolution of others.

The relationship between fear and desire

Fear is a relationship between “Your desire” and the “World’s condition”.
Even your definition of ‘What is a fear/threat’ is relative to ‘Your desire’.
Right now, if your knowledge (whatever you have) gives you enough freedom to pursue your desire, you will have well-being.
Once your desire grows far beyond this world, you will want to transcend (maybe now or later this life or after 100s of lives).
To give an example, say a bird sitting at your window threatens to leave you.
It is not a threat at all, if the bird is not your desire at all.
Only things that are your desire can be threatened.
If you have insulated yourself from all threats and ensured your desires stay confined to only where you have 100% control, then you will have 0 fear.
There is no fear for LOSING something you never desired.
Fear comes only when we desire something that is out of our control.
For instance, desire of human relationships is much more precarious that desire of material objects, because they are not as controllable as the material counterpart. One then is more vulnerable to both fear, and the pain of loss which is the eventuality that the fear guards against.
All fear is a defense from loss.

Your experience is the relativity of your soul development to the world’s condition


Only when your desires grow large enough, does the world-game get painful.
Only after that stage is there a motivation for transcendence.
And this game getting painful happens from worlds beyond, like how the baby suddenly finds itself too large in the mother’s womb and wants an out.
Neither is the mother determining what happens within the womb nor is the baby controlling its growth speed.
They are only witnesses to the happening.
The baby simply finds itself in that situation. The baby’s nature of growth and the nature of the womb is already determined from levels above.
Everything is just following its nature.
When we grow enough, the world’s bounds start to rub against us.
The greater this perception of limitation, the more is the desire for transcendence.
So there is a spectrum:
Super happy people —————————- Extremely world weary people
The super happy people are like new borns within the womb of the world system.
When their soul reaches enough maturity, their desire becomes much greater and this world system and condition is very dissatisfying.
So whether or not you find the world pleasurable/wonderful depends on the relativity of you soul growth to the world’s condition.
Very new souls find this world wonderful.
Very advanced souls find this world terribly imprisoning.
Whether or not the container you are in is a prison or not, depends on your size(growth level) relative to the prison boundaries.
Just like the analogy of how the tiny 1 cm baby experiences itself in a vast womb, but then later it hits the walls of the womb and starts stretching the walls into the 7th, 8th and 9th months finally to make the passage way out – the final throes before transcendence.

External world as a mirror of vibration state


The entire outside world is a mirror of the vibration in you.
The “dark night of the soul” is about the falling of the vibration in you, which warps all of your world – independent of your situation.
So similarly, when vibration rises, it will again warp the whole world magically around you.
The high or low vibration experiences and worlds are not intrinsic.
But rather, it is in the large wave of duality,
That gives one wisdom beyond the world illusion.
The revelation is that, the quality of the whole world illusion/dream depends on the inner vibration state.
The world simply mirrors the intra-psyche vibration and its organic flows.
Various emotions/feelings get projected around all the objects/people/situations of this world.
That is your real wealth, your vibration.
And that is not in your hands, that comes from beyond.
There are states and stations.
The state is what is in your hands, i.e. the vibratory state potentials you have access to from your current station.
Whereas, the station you are in, is moved from the beyond.
Also it is an inevitable law that,
To the degree one falls lower, one rises higher to the same proportion.
This lower and higher is part of the same wave,
And there can never be a wave with only a trough and no crest.
From the 5th dimension looking down at the 4th, this wave can be seen at once, as one object (union of opposites).
From the 4th dimension looking down at the 3rd, this wave plays out in time, taking you into a trough and then a crest.

Desire = Focus = Drives Reality

Desire drives focus.
And your reality is what your focus on.
So Desire -> Focus -> Reality.
If at any moment you want focus, find the desire in that moment, that is your focus, and your reality will tune to that.
Also if desire vacates the regular world, society, other people and moves on to something else abstract, the focus will accordingly shift and your reality WILL VACATE the world, the world will cease.
The same rule applies to all out of body states.
It is all driven by desire.
When you desire an out of body state -> you focus on it.
The better your focus, the more that state fills your reality replacing the current reality you are in.
Your potentials for experience therefore depend on the available desires in your reality appearance.