“I cannot hope to solve the mystery of life, but it is my privilege to try.”
~ Almine

This is a journal of my explorations, investigations, insights and epiphanies.
As you identify with abstract structures, you start to free all the structures in the lower planes of experience.
Eventually your identification moves to higher and higher levels until you reach God.
The God identification is the most abstract and therefore ‘Journey to God’ is the same as ‘Journey to the Abstract’.
Hence I chose this as the title for my blog.

I see myself as an unlimited being and my ultimate desire is Absolute Freedom. I want to master the mechanics of perception and transcend all mental thought and belief systems.

Here is some more detail about my intention behind creating these posts:

Here are some quotes I relate with:

‘Mythology is the loom on which we weave raw materials of daily experiences onto a coherent story’

‘A painful object tortures you when it’s there. A loved object tortures you when it’s gone. The only thing unaffected is the witness.’

‘It’s not possible to selectively feel. The volume has to be increased everywhere.’

‘The primal seeing is inescapable. Can you recall a moment in your entire life when you were not there?’

‘Normality is no thing, it is a symbol for the mode of behaviors and beliefs for some (fundamentally arbitrary) group of persons. It doesn’t really exist.’

‘Society is a symbol, not a thing, it is a conflation of many patterns and phenomena.’

‘Stewart Wavell suggested in 1966 that one day trances will become as accessible to us in western civilization as the electric light, and that this will open ‘immense new possibilities’’

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    1. Trust in your own journey, you won’t ever need to contact me, you will share as you are drawn to share, be well, sincere regards, Barry

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