Your experience is a mirror

You see what you want to see.
You see through the windows of your own expectations.
Even an unenlightened person can enlighten a sincere seeker.
Alternatively, a negative person may not benefit at all even from an enlightened person.
You attract what you are.
Your world view, ideas about everything, about others, are a reflection of the lens through which you are seeing.
A wise man can get wisdom even from a fool.
The fool can never get wisdom even if the wisest words are said to him.
Look for beauty, profoundness, and the sublime, and you will see it.
Open your heart to what you desire, you will see that manifested.
The outer world is only the reflection/projection of your inner world.
Seek, and you shall find and attain.

All true power is from within, from the invisible.
Become the diamond mind/diamond heart.
Receive the light and dazzle with the reflections.
Outer success without inner connection is meaningless.
The love of others will mean nothing, if you are not aligned to your own power.
Work on the roots, work on connecting to the earth,
And the flowers will come by themselves, the tree will bloom.
Connect yourself to the source and be an avatar/conduit of its power.
Become enlightened and freed with the power of the source.
Healing really is alignment, i.e. to keep what is real, to drop what is unreal.
Go into the transformation, let go into the fire of higher intelligence,
“Thou shall be done.”

We are endlessly free-falling


All of life comes from the unconscious/beyond/unknown:
*Unconscious —–>->—– Conscious ——>->—— Unconscious*
The agent is only an appearance, and we have drawn a boundary and solidified the agent.
We draw an artificial boundary and PRETEND there is an agent who is responsible.
But in reality, there is no agent, there is nobody, and without a somebody there is no responsibility either.
All is coming from the infinite unknown and returning to it.
*Infinite ———–> Finite ————–> Infinite*
It is an endless flow, an endless apparent causality falling through.
We are free-falling/sky-diving into eternal creativity.
We are falling stars.
All I do is sing and celebrate the endless glory of creation in all its forms.