The different yugas

Sat yuga = The age of spirit = Mystics
Treta Yuga = The age of mind = Imagineers
Dwapara Yua = The age of electricity = Engineers
Kali yuga = The age of the physical = Warriors

Millenia ago, if you saw something, and wanted to share it with the group,
You would have to talk/draw/act and somehow convey what you saw.
Today with electrical gadgets like cameras and smartphones,
You could just shoot a video and instantly share it with everyone in the group.
Since the information id in the same medium (of direct vision), you would not need to explain much too.
Also, we can send something like this to 100s or 1000s of people now due to the internet,
Whereas earlier you would have to go one by one or gather the different people together,
And then attempt to convey what you saw.

Drawing from that analogy, in Treta yuga,
We would have zillions of machines made for modulating the mind field,
In the same way our cities today are filled with electrical gadgets constantly modulating the electrical field.
Imagine if a person from 10BC came and visited our cities in 2021.
He would see electrical contraptions everywhere, right!
Similarly if we find ourselves suddenly plopped into Treta yuga,
We would see mind machines everywhere, and the whole landscape may look truly alien.
Then you could easily share an insight, thought, dream, mental idea, concept, plan etc. directly in the same mental format without the need to verbalize.

Extroverts, Introverts and the Mystics


I would first like to lay out some spectrums:
Dissociation/Abstract ——— Association/Literal
Transcendence ———– Immanence

In the above 2 spectrums, we would have mystics to the far left, introverts in the middle, and extroverts to the far right.
So it might look something like this:
M = Mystic
I = Introvert
E = Extrovert

Our psyche projects life/emotion/feeling into the world and enlivens it.

For extroverts, I think the world objects and people are so totally mapped to their psyche that there is no distance.
They are completely tuned into this world.
So there is no abstraction, rather the world is literal and everything in it is literal.
It is the perfect projection of essence giving total reality to the world and its objects.
For example: If an extrovert says I want that specific car, then his feelings permeate the whole car.
The car literally carries his projected feelings perfectly.
So when the car moves, it is his bundle of feelings literally moving.
So similes and metaphors would not apply since there is no distance between the projection and the object.

Introverts I feel, do not attach to the objects themselves directly but do so to the mental representation of the objects.
So they are a layer removed from the literal and are slightly abstract.
So introverts may use similes, metaphors or abstract concepts more, in their communication.
They see the world with SOME distance and the mental representation in the intermediate layer they interface with the most.
The objects serve as a cue to trigger their mental representation, and then the focus is a bit more internal i.e. on the representation.

Mystics I feel are on the far left end.
They are 1 layer further removed from even the mental representation of objects.
So they inhabit a space that is highly abstract and they witness the deep activity of the symbolic deeper mind.
So their communication tends to be heavy in allegory, metaphor, analogy, and symbols.
One must contemplate on what a mystic says to truly understand it.

This makes me wonder, could we say extroverts are in the nucleus of this world (realm)? (though in conventional life we look at it in the exact opposite way i.e. seeing extroverts as the ones moving around the most)
The introverts are on the nearby electron orbits?
And the mystics are on the outermost electron orbits?
I feel the mystic/free-thinker is a free electron and enjoys a certain freedom in terms of moving around between different atoms and molecules. (which is an analogy for moving in and out of different higher context worlds with an abstract understanding that works in all those worlds)

I feel the mystic operates on the fringe. He is a messenger, a link between the known and the unknown, a link between order and chaos, and he brings back information from the other worlds and assists the evolution of others.