Vision vs Power

Vision (more vision + less power) —-vs—- Power (less vision + more power)
Angel (high vision + lower power) —-vs—- Human (low vision + higher power)
50000ft base vision height(500x) —–vs—- 100ft base vision height
More vision = mystic —–vs—– Less vision = tyrant

Who really cares? = The Mystic vs. Commoner

The commoner dresses up well.
The commoner tells you positive things about yourself.
The commoner speaks politely.

Contrast this with the mystic:
He dresses up in rags.
He tells you deep things about yourself you need to look into which make you feel unpleasant.
(You find him intrusive, inappropriate, and fault finding)
He speaks with emotional force and may even shout at you.
(You find him uncouth and unsophisticated)

But who really CARES?
The commoner or the mystic?
The mystic cares 100x more than the commoner.
That is why he shouts at you all the deep things he sees in you which need addressing.
He is dressed in rags because he is unconcerned about his appearance (he simply goes with the least resistance, whatever works) since he is dedicated to divine realities.

The commoner on the other hand is dressed up well because he wants to make an impression on you.
He tells you good things about yourself, again not because he cares about you truly, but rather, to endear himself to you.
He speaks politely because he has no real emotional investment in the conversation and you besides getting you to like him and that might be a good future investment in case he needs any favors from you etc.

I’ve presented this in a caricaturish way, but the point I was trying to make was that:
The mystic is seen as rude, mad, uncouth, inappropriate, and intrusive and rejected usually, but he is the one who REALLY CARES.